Silver Sneakers & Silver and Fit



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A Senior Class offered through your participating insurance company. Your Silver Sneakers/Silver & Fit Membership gives you free access to your participating locations basic amenities including Silver Sneakers classes. Ask your insurance company how you can qualify for this program. 

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Bonus: All of Total Fitness of Greenville Classes are included as well!


Platinum Core & Curves – Geared towards beginners. Focuses on Strength, Stretching, Balance, Flexibility for the lower back, abdominals and the entire core.

Exercises and stretching are performed through dance, floor and chair movements.









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Commit To Be Fit

Total Fitness of Greenville Philosophy
If you think you are beaten, you are!
If you think you can SUCCEED, you WILL!
You are not measured on your success in life, but rather the
commitment and dedication
it took to get you there!